Website Design

PUBG Mobile

An Up-To-Date Site to Compliment PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is a ground-breaking, world-renowned multiplayer game that took the world by storm. When the online game went mobile, Tencent needed a team of trusted members to help spread the word to the African market. Since Tencent and The Website Engineer teamed [...]

JOOX Music

A New Website for Tencent’s JOOX Music App Gets the Cutting-edge Treatment One of The Website Engineer’s foremost goals is not only to be a industry-leading company, but to adopt ever more creative, efficient and effective ways to deliver fantastic web services – so when global Chinese tech giant Tencent’s South African office [...]


Printing Greatness Durst is an international supplier of high quality industrial printing products. The Website Engineer’s challenge in designing their new website was to use their existing international brand identity to create a website that was fresher, more polished and more easily navigable than their competition, helping them cement their place as leaders in [...]


Making RSVP as simple as 1, 2, 3 Every year PPC Cement hosts an annual JPC Golf & Family Day, but given how the event has grown, trying to compile RSVPs manually just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. They needed their old, slow process transformed into a simple online RSVP form [...]


Great minds think alike It’s always a pleasure working with a company that thinks like you do – and that’s exactly what we got with NTT Suzuki. Their approach to both their website and their corporate identity is simple: individuality and excitement trump strict rules and regulations. Their philosophy mirrored ours, and gave [...]


An Engine-Revving Update Honda is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality vehicles, with a reputation for reliable automotive engineering that goes the distance. After The Website Engineer’s successful work on other website projects for the NTT Motor Group, we were very happy to be approached by them again to transform their Honda-focused website [...]


Replicating a trusted in-store experience online As an established company with a long history, a big part of Agrimark’s goal in its digital transformation was to be where its customers are by creating an online presence that made their services more accessible for more South Africans. At The Website Engineer, we’re not just web [...]

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