Making RSVP as simple as 1, 2, 3

Every year PPC Cement hosts an annual JPC Golf & Family Day, but given how the event has grown, trying to compile RSVPs manually just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. They needed their old, slow process transformed into a simple online RSVP form – which wasn’t just more convenient for attendees, but automatically captured their details in an online database and automated the sending of confirmation and reminder emails. PPC entrusted the task to the web development experts at The Website Engineer, who took on the project with gusto, and delivered the final product in a record time of just six days from the first enquiry.

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First contact to production
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“Thank you for a wonderful service. It’s been fantastic working with The Website Engineer on this project.”

Kelly De Kock, PPC Cement

Getting creative with a countdown clock

At The Website Engineer, we eat, sleep and dream web development – which gave us the idea to add emphasis to the need to RSVP sooner rather than later with an active countdown clock. The result was better than any of us could have hoped for. All the RSVP forms were completed within just 2 days of the announcement – a full 20 days before the deadline. The previous year, for comparison, manual RSVP submissions were still happening after the RSVP deadline…

From functional to visually stunning

The Website Engineer team worked fast to nail down the key functionality as their top priority. Once that was working flawlessly, they moved on to the design phase, adding colour, flair, and dynamic effects to create an engaging user experience for PPC’s guests, without compromising on speed or load times. The result was much more than just happy (and impressed) attendees, but also a new level of insight into their event for PPC.