Printing Greatness

Durst is an international supplier of high quality industrial printing products. The Website Engineer’s challenge in designing their new website was to use their existing international brand identity to create a website that was fresher, more polished and more easily navigable than their competition, helping them cement their place as leaders in industrial printing.


Product Focussed
Brand Awareness

A mega menu to the rescue

The key challenge for us was in finding a convenient, accessible and inviting way to display Durst’s 30+ products. But how do you showcase as many products as you can, side by side, while still giving customers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision? Our answer: we created a ‘mega menu’ where we were able to categorise every product into groups and subgroups and display them side-by-side, making maximum use of screen real estate. To make each product accessible, we used the ‘hover over’ technique to display a larger thumbnail of the product to make browsing as fast as possible for customers.

Easy website maintenance as standard

To make maintenance of the mega menu easy for Durst, we developed a custom template that’s consistent in the way it displays new products, ensuring every update is displayed correctly, and saving time and resources for Durst’s team. Between functionality and easy maintenance, the new mega menu is a great example of the creativity of The Website Engineer team.