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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is a ground-breaking, world-renowned multiplayer game that took the world by storm. When the online game went mobile, Tencent needed a team of trusted members to help spread the word to the African market. Since Tencent and The Website Engineer teamed up with great success in the past, the choice for Tencent was clear. The Website Engineer was tasked to design a website to convert visitors to players and inform players about upcoming events. The game is a technical marvel, so the team took it upon themselves to make sure that the same glory translated onto the World Wide Web by using sound development and design principles.

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Mission Code Name: Conversion

The Website Engineer was sure to incorporate some of the many exciting elements of the game in order to achieve the primary goal: get users to become players. The choice of what to include and exclude from the site had to be carefully considered in order to emphasise the game while guiding the users to take appropriate action. With intuitive links, the site seamlessly redirects the desktop or mobile user to where they can download the game. Mission accomplished: The site does the talking and the game does the walking!

Stealthy Development

The website’s marvel is in the back-end. Beyond a remarkable and mobile-friendly site, the Tencent team had a very specific requirement—an interactive multi-dimensional calendar feature that allows users to view, filter and create any upcoming events. By utilising the right tools and through close collaboration, The Website Engineer was able to deliver an ingenious system that is both user friendly and cost-effective.