Enticing virtual exploration

More and more these days, people are using technology to explore destinations before they visit them. So when the Cape Winelands destination Log Cabin Lodge approached The Website Engineer for a new website, we guided them towards creating not just a website, but an immersive experience that created anticipation and excitement among potential guests and put Log Cabin Lodge’s beautiful natural surroundings and rejuvenating experience on full display.

Screen Shot Sec Img1 The Log Cabin The Website Engineer
Screen Shot Sec Img2 The Log Cabin The Website Engineer
Screen Shot Sec Img3 The Log Cabin The Website Engineer
Feedback Rounds
Dynamic Room Pages
Cups Of Coffee

Visualising the perfect getaway

Because The Log Cabin Lodge is an exclusive destination with a limited number of rooms, and offers a high quality experience to a select group of guests at any given time, our team was given the creative space to explore each room individually through the website, highlighting its unique personality and style. We also made sure the lodge’s enchanting location was given lots of attention with glorious landscape photography.

Making booking a room easier than ever

Naturally, Log Cabin Lodge was eager to increase its online bookings. To help them do this, we made sure visitor’s ability to book was only a click away, wherever they were on the site. So no matter which room or view captured their imagination, booking they stay was made as simple and easy as possible.