A luxurious journey – both online and offline

SOHO VIP provides Cape Town’s VIPs with luxury cars, chauffeurs and tours of the city. When they asked The Website Engineer to design their new flagship website, we knew that as a luxury services company it was of the utmost importance that their website look as good as the leather seats of a Mercedes Benz S Class feel. This was the motivation behind the dynamic visual journey we designed to walk potential customers through their exclusive services. The result? The sensation of stepping into a luxury car…

Conceptual Design Samples


Custom Development

VIW – Very Important Website

SOHO and The Website Engineer both believe that every encounter with a company reflects on its image and brand. For a luxury company like SOHO VIP, every interaction needed to be flawless, so when a potential customer arrives on their website, they arrive in style. The company’s two core services are clearly highlighted (along with great photography), and value-added services are grouped under a separate section so as not to clutter the simplicity and elegance that are both key to SOHO VIP’s brand.

An effective design process for a challenging brand

At The Website Engineer, we’ve implemented the famous build-measure-learn feedback loop – defined by Eric Ries in The Lean Startup – in the process of website development. Using this iterative process, we were able to deliver the website to SOHO’s satisfaction in less than two months, with just four feedback rounds and no face-to-face meetings.