Using The Building Blocks Of Industry Experience

Prodigious is a state-of-the-art construction company offering building and construction services to the commercial, retail, residential, government and hospitality sectors. The Website Engineer was asked design an intuitive website that works to represent not just the company’s services, but also its philosophy. Thanks to our extensive experience providing digital services in the construction industry, we knew exactly what Prodigious needed, and how we could make them stand out head and shoulders above their peers.

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Custom Development

Constructing A Solid Philosophical Foundation

Because the firm’s philosophy was pivotal to the design of the site, our first task was to research not just the types of builds Prodigious had completed in the past, but where they were and how they functioned, in order to understand how the company put its philosophy into practice for its clients – and their customers. This helped us create a solid design foundation that resonated with potential clients and conveyed Prodigious’ principles.

Ideas Brought To Life

Since Prodigious’ goal is was to display all of their services, and had no shortage of excellent photography of their builds, our team incorporated them in a way that combined them with the philosophy of the company, so that potential clients didn’t see words on their own, but saw how those words impacted on the builds Prodigious undertook, bringing together the potential and the real in the minds of visitors, while resulting in a more intuitive website.