Website localisation for international customers

Marifeed is a producer of aquafeeds serving the aquaculture industry around the world. When they came to The Website Engineer for a good-looking, functional website for their business, it seemed like the kind of project we tackle every day – until they told us their biggest international customers were in Asia. They needed to speak to their customers in their own language, which meant they needed localisation for their website in both Korean and Mandarin. Localisation is important for any international business, so we were happy to accept the challenge and build in the language localisation Marifeed needed to grow their business.


Custom Development
Website Engineer Marifeed Images Feature Six
Website Engineer Marifeed Images Feature Two

A dynamic, seamless website experience

Long gone are the days of separate websites for different languages. Our platform allows us to switch languages within the same website, making it both easy and fast for a visitor to switch language with a click, while formatting the content dynamically to create a seamless experience that lets Marifeed’s product offering shine through.

Design that communicates in any language

With Marifeed, we featured not only images of their products but also showcased the product in action. In addition to static images of their aquafeeds, we also included images of full-grown abalone being fed with Marifeed’s special ‘Abfeed’ product to make the product and its effectiveness real for prospective customers. The result is a website with strong visual communication that speaks to their customers just as effectively in visuals as it does in words.