Finally – simple, Accessible Financial Services Everyone Can Understand

Adfinity is a trusted financial institution, focused on creating long term partnerships with their clients. When they came to The Website Engineer for a good-looking, functional website for their business, we were happy to help – but little did we know that making financial services simple is actually a very complex task. It turned out to be a challenge we really enjoyed, and we’re very proud of the result.

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Product Focussed

Focusing On The Customer’s Point Of View

When we set out to build Adfinity’s website, the first question we asked ourselves was ‘How can we bring all the services they offer together, and make it simple for customers to find what they need?’ To answer this question, we tried something new – we created an interactive graphic to sum up Adfinity’s range of expert financial services in such a way that customers can see how they fit together into the circle of complete financial well-being. Each section will respond as a customer’s cursor hovers over it, and will direct them to its dedicated page, explaining the service in greater detail. By presenting otherwise complex services in a user-friendly graphic, the team had the opportunity to offer a holistic perspective to potential customers, while making key details instantly accessible with the hover action of the cursor.

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When Investment In Technology Pays Dividends

In financial services, trust is hard to win and easy to lose, which meant Adfinity’s new website couldn’t afford any interruptions or downtime. In order to ensure that the site will be reliably accessible and available The Website Engineer spent a lot of additional time on the code of the site, eliminating all potential areas of weakness, and provided iron-clad hosting so that Adfinity could rest assured its customers would always be able to access their online services, helping build trust on all sides of Adfinity’s business.